Clay Target

True Team® scoring overview

True Team® scoring allows all athletes and teams to compete against everyone in their conference each week! In the True Team® scoring format, each team has a pre-determined number of competitors that will contribute to their team’s score, with each qualifying competitor scoring at least one point. The top score in a conference will receive the maximum number of points and the last qualifying score will receive the minimum one point unless there is a tie and the remaining points are split equally.

Conference designation

Each conference will have a different total of the points available for each event because each conference will have a different number of qualifying athletes and the possibility of a different number of teams.


How an athlete earns points

All athletes shoot at their assigned 50 targets on their team-assigned event day of the week. The Head Coach enters all scores into the League’s Team Management System™ before Saturday at 9 p.m. CDT.

How a team earns points

Overall standings